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Providing Liquid Vitamins, Supplement and Over the Counter Medicines that are high quality, affordable and easy to take.

Why BProtected™?


science-2.jpgQualityAll of our liquid vitamin supplements and over the counter products are made in the U.S.A. in an FDA established and inspected facility which complies with the current Good Manufacturing Practices outlined by both state and federal agencies. The ingredients and components used in manufacturing are selected through a meticulous process of qualification for purity, quality and stability. The finished liquid vitamins, supplements and over the counter medicines are tested to assure that only the highest quality products can be borne with the BProtected label. Click Here to shop now.

BProtected products are formulated to have the same active ingredients as in the National Brand. But we do not stop there. We realize that many of the active ingredients in our products do not have a pleasant taste. BProtected liquid vitamin supplements and over the counter products are formulated utilizing the latest in flavor masking technology and natural flavorings available. The result is a liquid vitamin that does not taste like a liquid vitamin.  Click Here to shop now.


all-3-for-homepage.jpgSelectionBayshore Pharmaceuticals is committed to helping those who can’t swallow pills or have trouble with large vitamin or over the counter pills. According to a study by the American Medical Association, 40 percent of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills. In the coming months and years, Bayshore Pharmaceuticals will be working towards developing a strong portfolio of liquid vitamin, supplement and over the counter products in their BProtected brand. We believe that everyone deserves the best vitamin supplements and medicines with high quality ingredients whether they have trouble swallowing pills or not.  Click Here to shop now.


Value Bprotected brand liquid vitamin supplement and over the counter products deliver the quality of a National Brand without the National Brand price. How do we do it? Unlike the National Brand, we do not utilize costly national advertising campaigns. We trust our products to be distributed by a select group of authorized companies that realize our goal of making quality liquid vitamin supplements and over the counter medicines available to everyone who needs them. Since in most cases, people are getting BProtected products directly from the manufacturer, we can pass the savings along our customers…and did we mention…Shipping from BPVitamin.com is always FREE with no minimum order.  Click Here to shop now.


Customer ServiceWe listen to what our customers have to say about our BProtected products and other products that they are currently taking. If you have a comment or suggestion for us, we want to hear it. Please visit our Contact Us page and leave us your feedback. Thank you!



If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor of BProtected products, please see the Wholesale/Retail page.


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